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About Us

We are a collective of medical folk, product people, designers, storytellers, and various personalities across 3 continents that share a common desire to change health care.

Our Story

We’re not an agency. We’re subject matter experts. Our resources are written by doctors, evidence based, and peer reviewed. You’ll never see a “paid actor” disclaimer in any of our works, just real patients and real stories.

Core Values

Demo of Sickle Cell comics


We listen. We research. We counsel. We collaborate. We are wildly committed to our clients and the markets we serve. We want to know your business and your patients so that we can best meet your needs. Real stories by real patients making a real impact.


We encourage collaboration at all levels to foster innovation and to distinguish our brand in the markets we serve. We commit to this goal through the creation of an open, safe, and rewarding environment that enables growth.

Demo of Sickle Cell comics


Empathy and scientific rigor are at our very core and we don’t compromise. While others might see customers, subjects, and protocols we see experience, insights, and inspiration. We combine authentic voices with rich scientific knowledge to create trusted resources that educate and elevate.


Jumo Health has a unique perspective on how to best serve various communities including those which have been traditionally underrepresented – and it starts with listening.


Advocacy Partners

Patient advocates are the lynchpin to the communities they serve. We are proud to work alongside many of these organizations to produce resources to help support the patient journey to understanding and action.


Help us shape a better future for those diagnosed with a health condition, are uncertain about a medical procedure, or are caring for someone and want to ease their fears of the unknown.

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