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Our Solutions

We develop multicultural resources that explain difficult medical concepts in ways people can understand and act upon.


Proven Results

Our educational materials are proven to increase enrollment and lengthen retention, ultimately leading to quicker study timelines and reduced study costs.

In recent studies, we have provided our clinical trial partners with substantial ROIs, up to 9:1.


Below is an illustrative view of some of our resources:

Awareness &Recruitment

Test test test
Understanding Your Condition Book

Cartoon of Medical Lab
Understanding Clinical Trials Video

Engagement &Enrollment

Comic Excerpt
Study Website

Informed Assent / Consent Discussion Guide

Jumo Planner
Progress Tracker

Compliance &Retention

Live Action or Animated Video

Study Schedule

VR headset
Virtual Reality

How do we do it?

Check out some recent case studies:
Comic Book Display

Mitigating Dropout with Relatable Resources

Study teams turn to us at different times and for different reasons – this study was no exception. There are many barriers to successful recruitment and retention in clinical trials. Learn how we reversed the fear and anxiety that often accompanies participant decisions.

Positive Covid Campaign

Effective Recruitment When Education Leads Effort

Jumo Health significantly reduced the amount of screening failures from ineligible patients in a COVID-19 study.

Teen-Specific Content

Teenagers are not just kids that make adults scratch their heads – they represent an important cohort with specific needs. See how we addressed an issue that plagues many pediatric trials: global teen engagement.

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