July 17, 2020
Jumo Health Supports Clinical Trial Community and Sponsors Annual iCAN Summit
Laptop displaying iCan Video

New York City (17 July 2020) — Jumo Health, a global provider of age appropriate, personalized health care resources, is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN) annual summit.  iCAN, a global consortium of youth advisory groups, provides a voice for children and families in health and research. Jumo Health stands alongside other sponsors such as Pfizer, UCB, Lilly, Covance, Worldwide Clinical Trials, Shriners Hospitals for Children, and others to make this special event a reality. 

The iCAN annual summit, originally scheduled to take place in Lyon, France, was virtual this year due to COVID-19. The summit provides an opportunity for iCAN’s youth members to learn about pediatric medicine and meet those dedicated to improving health care, including entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, and physicians from around the world. In addition to learning more about medical and scientific advances, participants interact with each other and share their own stories and messages of hope.

Jumo Health’s unique style of authentic storytelling recently caught the attention of iCAN and its membership, prompting iCAN to endorse Jumo Health’s age appropriate suite of comic books entitled, Understanding Clinical Trials, to ensure readers can understand and act upon physicians’ instructions.  “iCAN is so happy to have Jumo Health as a partner and sponsor. They have our youth review their products to make sure they are kid-friendly. And our kids love that Jumo Health uses their likenesses for the characters in their books,” said Leanne West, President of iCAN. 


Beyond the Summit

Extending their commitment to iCAN and its mission of elevating the pediatric patient voice in clinical trials,  Jumo Health’s President and CEO, Kevin Aniskovich, has joined the iCAN Advisory Board. The appointment allows Jumo Health to actively participate in an ongoing conversation with other industry leaders to effectuate positive change in pediatric clinical trials.

“I am proud that Jumo Health is the name sponsor of the annual summit and that I can continue to learn from the other members of the Board and chapter leaders to ensure our products resonate with those they intend to serve,” said Aniskovich. “Through collaboration comes thoughtful, inclusive, and authentic products that will drive optimal patient outcomes and the purest path to that end is to engage with the individual. I believe, through iCAN, that our ability to focus on increasing  health literacy will have a dramatic affect on health care outcomes,” Aniskovich concluded.


About International Children’s Advisory Network (iCAN)

The International Children’s Advisory Network, Inc.,  (iCAN) is a worldwide consortium of children’s advisory groups, known as Kids Impacting Disease Through Science (KIDS) and Young Persons Advisory Groups (YPAGS). These dedicated youth member groups work in unison around the world to provide a voice for children and families in medicine, research, and innovation.

Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, culturally relevant, and relatable educational resources for patients and caregivers. We have experience serving diverse populations, covering more than 160 health topics across 80+ countries in 120+ languages. Our various digital, video, and print offerings use highly visual elements and research-backed health literacy strategies to ensure that everyone can understand and act upon complex medical information. We do this through familiar mediums – from comic books and animation, to virtual reality experiences and authentic documentary-style patient stories – all customized based on audience. Jumo Health collaborates globally with more than 180 advocacy groups and community organizations to promote access and to ensure unique patient experiences are accurately represented.

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