December 31, 2019
Thoughts on 2019
By Kevin Aniskovich
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Looking Back at 2019 

When business leaders are asked to reflect on the year past, their responses are often littered with statistics of growth, catch-phrases that are the preamble for an annual report, and optimistic platitudes about goals for the year to come. Depending on the audience, this is what folks are interested in reading about — and these sorts of statements certainly can foster excitement among clients and employees, alike. But when I think about 2019, I tend to balance what we have achieved, with how we have achieved it. And the key to that success — our people.

Jumo Health is the evolution of ideas, the result of personal journeys, and the realization of a positive work ethic aligned to a common purpose. From our beginnings a decade ago, this evolution led a mix of artists and writers, of sales personnel, operators, and thinkers, to each other. We don’t get mired in hierarchy, but prefer to operate under an inclusive tent that allows for individual contribution and open, creative dialogue. We believe this approach allows us to yoke learnings from our collective IQ, elevating our work and distinguishing our approach within the markets we serve. So, as we end this decade, it’s not a product or a service that I’m most reflective on, but the winning culture we’ve created together at Jumo Health.  It’s this culture that is the real reason behind all that we have achieved, including yet another year of double-digit growth across virtually every key performance indicator. 

I’m grateful for the individuals that make up Jumo Health. This includes our internal peers, the hundreds of advocacy groups that work alongside us to create and disseminate resources to those that need it most, the hundreds of hospital child life specialists that share our resources with families during their most trying moments, and life sciences companies that believe an informed care circle leads to a compliant, healthier patient. Together, we are proud to be making a difference today.

On the heels of being named as one of the top patient engagement solution providers, and selected as the cover story by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, we’re excited at the hope of what tomorrow brings. As we expand our family of colleagues, clients, and collaborators, we are eager to see where we get to stamp our fingerprint next.

2019 is not just the end of a decade — but the beginning of our second in serving millions of people in some 73 countries covering 82 languages. While we rarely reflect on that figure internally, it marks an incredible accomplishment of our collective work ethic. Everyone at Jumo Health has had a hand in its creation. I can’t help but feel as if we are just getting started.


“What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t even happened yet.” — Anne Frank


On behalf of the entire Jumo Health family, thank you for your belief in our mission and support of our programs. 



Kevin Aniskovich

Kevin Aniskovich
Kevin is the Chief Executive Officer of Jumo Health. In addition to having founded 3 companies, Kevin has held various sales, marketing, and product roles at Epocrates, Remedy Health Media, and Sharecare.

Jumo Health develops age-appropriate, culturally relevant, and relatable educational resources for patients and caregivers. We have experience serving diverse populations, covering more than 160 health topics across 80+ countries in 120+ languages. Our various digital, video, and print offerings use highly visual elements and research-backed health literacy strategies to ensure that everyone can understand and act upon complex medical information. We do this through familiar mediums – from comic books and animation, to virtual reality experiences and authentic documentary-style patient stories – all customized based on audience. Jumo Health collaborates globally with more than 180 advocacy groups and community organizations to promote access and to ensure unique patient experiences are accurately represented.

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