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Jumo Health increased participant retention and delivered a 4:1 ROI

Jumo Health's suite of educational resources encouraged retention and compliance for a complex clinical trial.

Study Background

One of our clients was planning a phase 2a safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic, and pharmacodynamic study in individuals with MELAS, a rare disease that primarily affects the nervous system and muscles. The study was looking to enroll US candidates who would agree to participate in a 29-day treatment plan and a 14-day follow-up visit. The client’s target enrollment was 20 patients.


After examining the patient population, protocol visit schedule, study procedures including neuroimaging, blood draws, diaries and patient-reported outcome assessments, and intense lifestyle restrictions, the client realized there may be a significant dropout rate. The client reached out to Jumo Health to help them educate participants to encourage them to stay enrolled throughout the study.


To overcome this challenge, the Jumo Health team produced educational resources for patients throughout all phases: pre-consent, screening, and enrollment. Each product developed helped explain the study, outline the participant’s appointment schedule, and set expectations in a visually engaging, easily understandable, empowering, and relatable way that spoke directly to this small patient population.

Drop out rate
Estimated ROI
Patients enrolled
Cost savings


Jumo Health’s suite of educational resources resulted in compliance and retention – including an impressive 0% drop out rate.

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