November 4, 2016
Medikidz and COPD Foundation: Partnership of Superhero Proportion
Teen Smoking a cigarette

Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic disease can be a scary and confusing time; and the impact on family members and children is often overlooked. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of lung diseases including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. While the prevalence of COPD is seen in an older generation, educating loved ones about the disease is a key factor to promote understanding and support.

This is why we are proud to have partnered with Medikidz and the COPD Foundation to develop a comic book that provides a creative and innovative way to help those with COPD explain their condition to friends and family, specifically children and adolescents.

Medikidz is a children’s medical education organization that works closely with healthcare professionals, families, children and patients to produce unique learning materials in an interactive, powerfully visual comic book format, thereby helping to educate children about their health as well as the health of those around them.

This comic book follows the story of Andrew and Hannah who are guided by the Medikidz ‘superhero’ team to help them understand COPD and ways in which they can help their Grandma.

“When we talk about COPD, we don’t do enough to highlight who is affected; which includes patients and loved ones,” explains Fabiana Talbot, the COPD Foundation. “This magazine has two tiers of effectiveness; not only as a preventative measure, by showing children the repercussions of smoking, but also from an awareness standpoint. These kids can become future advocates removing the stigma surrounding COPD.”

Read “Medikidz Explains COPD”

Looking for more information about COPD or support for yourself or a love one? Join the COPD: Life is Calling community.

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